Ardoch Parish Church

Friday 25th December 2020

Liz Paterson lights the Hope Candle

“A Christmas to believe in”

© 2007 Sharon Kay Chatwell

This is a skit in three parts written for teenagers (primarily as a stage play with costumed actors and narrators.)  The Hot Chocolate Club has adapted it and from their own homes have put it together with the help of Lyndsey Thomas and Daniel.

We are very grateful to John Duncan for playing and singing the song that accompanies this play, “I believe”.  You will hear the first verse leading into Part 1.

Thanks are due to Mairi, for supporting us with this venture and trusting us not to mess it up. To all the young people who gave up their time and to their parents who facilitated zoom calls at inconvenient times, as well as to Christine Souter for editing and putting everything together.

Narrator 2 admits at the beginning that he is not sure he believes in the Christmas story, preferring magical tales of flying reindeer. Narrator 1 agrees to tell him the story “But”, he warns “whether you believe it or not ….. it’s still true.  And the really good thing is that, since it’s true, no one can ever take it away from you!”

This is a modern retelling of the Christmas story but we feel it is just as good as a traditional nativity performed on stage and we hope you enjoy it.

Part 1

Mary did you know?

Performed by Pentatonix

Part 2

Silent Night

Part 3

The Hot Chocolate Cast