Keeping you in the Loop September 2020

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Keeping You in the Loop                                        September 2020

 Today it is reported that due to coronavirus there have been over one million deaths worldwide. The human suffering is incalculable. It is a sobering thought because we are often focussed on our own lives and the way this disease is affecting us. It certainly puts things into perspective when one considers the grief that so many families are experiencing having lost a loved one, one’s livelihood and/or home. The  inconvenience of staying home  and the lifestyle-limiting regulations that prevent us from seeing loved ones etc. seem, on reflection, such a small price to pay in order to prevent  the spread of this disease throughout our communities.

However, I am also aware of the cost to individuals who are unable to receive hospital treatments and those who are suffering from being isolated, alone or unable to cope with all that is happening.

In many ways, although older people are more susceptible to this disease, we have much to be thankful for…. I am so grateful that I don’t have to go out to work. I have a pension that means I have a steady income that I can depend on. I have a home, a husband, a daughter I have seen twice since mid February, and lovely neighbours. I have a garden to work in and to enjoy.  I can paint. I have so many things I am so grateful for that I could fill this page easily.

I suppose I would count myself a very positive person but I would say that is because of my faith. Jesus has a central place in my life and colours my life. I give him permission, in fact I depend on Him, to steer my life – my thinking and interactions – giving me confidence that things will get better.

My prayer is that you too can depend on Him for all your needs and that He will bring people into your life who can transform it and help you cope with Covid19 restrictions.

With all good wishes,

Pat Duncan (Guild Secretary).