Information on how to join Zoom

Our congregations are becoming increasingly adapt and relaxed at using Zoom and anyone who is still hesitating please take the plunge now. You can join and turn off your video if you feel more comfortable. This can help, especially if you have a poor wi fi connection whilst still allowing you to hear the sound.

It is best if you download the Zoom app which is free and when the link to a live service is published on this web site or sent to you by email  open Join meeting and paste this link and click on it.  Remember to turn on your sound!

Detailed below is another way of joining a Zoom meeting if you do not have access to an internet connection.
Dial in on your phone through a normal landline number .
Your phone will need a key with this symbol “#” (called a
Hash key) and a “*” (star key) as well.
1. Dial: 0131 460 1196 anytime after 10:30am on Sunday
2. When asked by the recorded message, this is the
meeting ID to enter by pressing the phone buttons
812 8639 8284 (don’t enter spaces) then press #
3. You have no participant’s number to enter so press #
again when asked.

We hope you will join us and participate in the worship.