Christmas Angels Pattern

Please contact Heather for any further information.

What you will need.

Some wool (in any yarn or colour)

Knitting needles (between size 10-8 (that’s 3.25mm and 4mm)) Darning needle (like a big sewing needle)

Small amount of stuffing


The angels have been designed to be as simple and as flexible as possible so everyone from a beginner to a more advanced knitter can have a go. Feel free to adapt the pattern if you want by adding in different colours or making a larger angel.


If you want a place to start we have used size 9 needles with double yarn to knit some of ours.

You will need a basic knowledge of knit and purl to make these angels but don’t let that stop you if you haven’t done it before. Find someone who can teach you and ask them to help you learn a new skill.

And most of all have fun.

The Pattern

Angel• Body

Cast on 48 sts

  1. Knit row
  2. Purl row
  3. K2TOG, KlO*, repeat until end
  4. Purl row
  5. Knit row
  6. P2TOG, P9*, repeat until end
  7. Knit row
  8. Purl row
  9. K2TOG, KS*, repeat until end
  10. Purl row
  11. Knit row
  12. P2TOG, P7*, repeat until end
  13. Knit Row
  14. Purl Row
  15. K2TOG, K6*, repeat until end
  16. Purl row
  17. Knit row

This angel is knitted in sparkly cream, with sparkly mohair wings.

  1. P2TOG, P5*, repeat until end
  2. Knit row
  3. Purl row
  4. K2TOG, K4*, repeat until end• 20 sts
  5. Purl row
  6. Knit row
  7. Purl row
  8. Knit row
  9. Purl row
  10. Knit row

Pattern is continued on the other side.


At this point, you can change your colour to create the face if you want.

  1. Purl row
  2. knit row
  3. Purl row
  4. Knit row
  5. Purl row
  6. Knit row
  7. Purl row
  8. K2TOG • repeat until end
  9. Purl row
  10. Knit row
  11. P2TOG • repeat until end

Using a darning needle, thread the end of the yarn through the stitches and tighten to create the top of the head. Turn the angel inside out and sew up the head and the body. Around the neck, take a small amount of stuffing and place at the top of the head, then thread some yarn between stitches and pull loosely together.

Angel • Wings


Option 1

Cast on 27 sts

  1. Knit row
  2. Knit row
  3. Decrease at each end (Knit)
  4. Knit
  5. Knit 12 rows, decrease at each end cast off

Option 2 (more advanced)

The wings are knitted in short rows, with the yarn wrapped around  the last stitch in the middle of each ridge.

To complete this you need to bring your yarn forward, slip the sitich over purlwise, take the yarn back again, replace the slipped stitch, bring the yarn forward again and turn the work.

w&t = wrap & turn Cast on 9 sts

  1. KS, w&t, KS
  2. K6, w&t, K6
  3. K4, w&t, K4
  4. K2, w&t, K2
  5. K4, w&t, K4

6, K6, w&t, K6

Repeat these 6  rows, 4-5 times Wings  as they should  look using option 2.        as necessary. Sew wings to the body.