Sunday Church Flowers

This Sunday the Guild would have put some lovely flowers into the Sanctuary and as usual they would have been distributed later.

As you click onto Zoom for our Sunday service from our link in the top right hand corner of the web page let us be thankful for all the beauty we have around us.

A personal message from our President

In these quite different times (though I feel like I have been selfisolating since last September) how good is it to speak to someone on the phone! Something many of us are not now in the habit of doing. It has been my absolute pleasure to talk to all of our Guild members and most of my elder’s district over the past month. What an inspiration; so many different outlooks and opinions and all mostly positive. Living in such a beautiful part of the world, and sunny weather certainly helps. I just want to reiterate how good it is to talk. You all know who you can call at any time.

Heather McDonald, Ardoch Guild President (almost back to full strength)

Keeping You in the Loop – April 2020

You folks are all aware that I have been ‘wintering’ on Lanzarote for almost 3 months – sunning myself and generally relaxing. The latter part of my time on Lanzarote was fraught, because our flight was cancelled and we had to find another. Instead of coming on a direct flight to Glasgow we had to go through London transferring from Gatwick to Heathrow before catching a flight to Glasgow. However, we are glad to be home now and effectively into quarantine mode for a couple of weeks.

I regularly heard news of all the Guild and community activities whilst away. Our president Heather, Phyllis, and the Guild Committee, have been doing a marvellous job keeping the Guild functioning, and the fundraising for projects has been wonderful. I also heard that the World Day of Prayer, organised by Sally Young was a great success. Our annual Spring Afternoon Tea when Fiona Chalamanda brings along the wee violinists was wisely cancelled due to the coronavirus – an event much missed. We have also had to cancel our last meeting of the session with a speaker from the Scots charity ‘ Malawi Fruits’ which was also to be our AGM.

We are hoping that you are all surviving self isolation – accepting help when it is offered and asking when you need it. We are a family – and family help each other.

The Community Council has put out a great pack of information including shopping lists for those who are advised not to take risks by going out and about.

We are in this for the long haul – probably 12 weeks at least.  Please don’t think twice about phoning any Guild Committee member if you need to chat or need help. We would be more than happy to talk with you and organise help if you are in need. Get in touch sooner rather than later.

The Community Council have distributed red/green posters so  please prominently display these in your window to let people know you are in need of help/or OK.

Green posters indicating that you are coping are as important to display as red ones indicating that you need help of some kind.

Remember to stay at home and stay safe!

I will be in touch in a wee while to keep you in the loop.

Pat Duncan, Secretary, Ardoch Guild. 01786 880 877