Keeping You in the Loop June 2020

Check out the latest news from the Secretary of the Guild, Pat Duncan.

Ardoch Parish Church Guild
May 2020 Keeping You in the Loop:
Here we are at the end of May experiencing a few days of exceptionally hot weather… and not complaining. I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.
Things are changing very slowly as we very gradually venture out of lockdown. We are still being asked to ‘Stay Home’ as much as possible in order not to create a bridge for this virus to cross and so spread infection. Caution seems to be the operative word.
Church Activities – It would seem that church activities, including services, will probably not resume until Christmastime at the very earliest.
Your Guild Committee met online via ZOOM to discuss the way forward and we have agreed on a tentative syllabus that will start in January 2021 (dependent on permission for meetings being given).
Our president, Heather McDonald, has assiduously been phoning around members and so keeping in contact with us all.
I know how much I have appreciated these conversations with Heather as I am sure you have. I am sure you also are doing your bit to keep in touch with your friends and neighbours at this difficult time.
We, as a Guild, have done much this year – with inspirational speakers, outings, fundraising events and donations to many projects. Our session finished prematurely but we have still achieved much.
We donated £50 to Mercy Ships and gave £50 each to Elaine Hopley (the Atlantic rower) for the Altzeimers Society and Breda Seaman for ‘Dementia Friendly Dunblane.’
Two donations were sent to the Church of Scotland World Mission Aids Project (‘Sundae Sunday’ in September 2019 which
raised £137.61, and ‘Souper Sunday’ in January 2020 which raised £93).
Following a very successful World Day of Prayer organised by Sally Young we donated £120.
We have also given £500 to the church.
It was also thought that since ‘after- church collections’ for two charities did not take place this year that we would donate to these charities as follows:
£150 to Christian Aid
£150 Red Cross
Revision of church website – if you have access to the website you will find The Link and a Guild section there.
Wheelchair – The church is in need of a replacement wheelchair. It needs to be in very good condition and if any of our members know of how we might source such an item, please get in touch.

Wishing you all a wonderful Summer.
All good wishes,
Pat Duncan, Secretary, Ardoch Guild. (01786 880 877).

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray from Ascension to Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus.
Since its start in May 2016, just three and a half years ago, God has grown Thy Kingdom Come from a dream of possibility into a movement. In 2019 Christians from 172 countries took part in praying ‘Come Holy Spirit’, so that friends and family, neighbours and colleagues might come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Thy Kingdom Come  Please click on link and you will find details of the Daily Prayer for Thy Kingdom Come and other resources.

Pick up a copy of the Prayer Journal and the Family Adventure Map – they are in a poly bag behind the Church wall beside the Blue sign.  Please feel free to take a copy. 

Children & Young People

See the latest news from the Hot Chocolate Club

I’m sure they are better at Zooming than some of us!  Children & Young People

Christian Aid

Christian Aid Week like everything else is very different this year.  Normally Pat Aitken and her team of volunteers post Christian Aid envelopes through the doors of everyone in Braco and Greenloaning and the generosity of our communities have raised large sums of money to be distributed to provide life saving support for some of the poorest families in the world.

How you can support Christian Aid 

Please click here

Mairi’s five minute chat Week beginning 11th May 2020


Join Mairi in her Zoom recording from the Manse. Week beginning 11th May 2020

Guild Project Update

Guild Project update

This is an update recently received from Guild Headquarters on how the projects have been faring over the past year.

Pat, our Secretary will be saying a little more about these in her next “Keeping you in the Loop”.

Sunday Church Flowers

This Sunday the Guild would have put some lovely flowers into the Sanctuary and as usual they would have been distributed later.

As you click onto Zoom for our Sunday service from our link in the top right hand corner of the web page let us be thankful for all the beauty we have around us.

The Link

Ardoch Spring Link April 2020

Lots of news from both parishes and events to look forward to.


Life and Work

Life and Work have put their May copy on online because of the difficulties of delivery during this crisis.

Please click below to access the copy.



Keeping You in the Loop – April 2020

You folks are all aware that I have been ‘wintering’ on Lanzarote for almost 3 months – sunning myself and generally relaxing. The latter part of my time on Lanzarote was fraught, because our flight was cancelled and we had to find another. Instead of coming on a direct flight to Glasgow we had to go through London transferring from Gatwick to Heathrow before catching a flight to Glasgow. However, we are glad to be home now and effectively into quarantine mode for a couple of weeks.

I regularly heard news of all the Guild and community activities whilst away. Our president Heather, Phyllis, and the Guild Committee, have been doing a marvellous job keeping the Guild functioning, and the fundraising for projects has been wonderful. I also heard that the World Day of Prayer, organised by Sally Young was a great success. Our annual Spring Afternoon Tea when Fiona Chalamanda brings along the wee violinists was wisely cancelled due to the coronavirus – an event much missed. We have also had to cancel our last meeting of the session with a speaker from the Scots charity ‘ Malawi Fruits’ which was also to be our AGM.

We are hoping that you are all surviving self isolation – accepting help when it is offered and asking when you need it. We are a family – and family help each other.

The Community Council has put out a great pack of information including shopping lists for those who are advised not to take risks by going out and about.

We are in this for the long haul – probably 12 weeks at least.  Please don’t think twice about phoning any Guild Committee member if you need to chat or need help. We would be more than happy to talk with you and organise help if you are in need. Get in touch sooner rather than later.

The Community Council have distributed red/green posters so  please prominently display these in your window to let people know you are in need of help/or OK.

Green posters indicating that you are coping are as important to display as red ones indicating that you need help of some kind.

Remember to stay at home and stay safe!

I will be in touch in a wee while to keep you in the loop.

Pat Duncan, Secretary, Ardoch Guild. 01786 880 877