Keeping you in the Loop January 2021

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Thanks to Pat Duncan for compiling Keeping you in the Loop.  You can click on the link and it is also posted under Guild.  Thanks also to Heather for distributing National Magazine through our letter boxes.  The icy conditions must have made the mission twice as difficult!

Keeping You in the Loop

The Secretary of the Guild, Pat Duncan has sent in her latest news about the activities of the Guild.

Check out her Keeping You in the Loop December edition posted under Guild

Also Dorothy has a special request regarding subscriptions.

Many of the ladies are keeping busy – look out for photos of their angels.


Whilst supporting our local suppliers, shops and trades is vitally important, I know over the past months many of us, who would not normally order online, have been grateful for the opportunity to have goods delivered when many outlets and shops were closed or had very restricted access.

Whenever you buy anything online – electrical goods, online groceries, DIY supplies, Christmas presents, your annual holiday (wishful thinking), car insurance renewal – you could be raising free donations for Ardoch Parish Church with Easyfundraising.

This is not something new and for a number of years now Ardoch Church members has used this site to collect donations.

There are over 4,000 shops and sites on board ready to make a donation – including John Lewis, Sainsburys, Tesco, M&S  Smile Amazon and it does not cost you a penny extra to help us raise funds.  Each donation may only amount to less than 50p but these small amounts accumulate and can become quite a significant sum.

There are no catches or hidden charges and Ardoch Parish Church will be most grateful for your donations.  The only thing you must remember to do is sign into the Easyfundraising site and click on the supplier from within the site.

To get started copy this link and register.

Every time you shop online, you must log in to Easyfundraising first , then find the site you want and start shopping. After you’ve checked out, the retailer will make a donation to Ardoch Parish Church at no extra cost to you whatsoever!

Thank you for your support.

Edith’s Hope

Edith’s Hope

Ardoch Church received a letter from Edith’s Hope thanking us for generous donation detailed below and assuring us of how much it was appreciated and the good that it will do.

The Harvest Thanksgiving collection for Edith’s Hope raised the sum of £340.

This will be a great help to the orphans and child headed families in Uganda as they struggle to cope with uncertainties of the pandemic.

This sum does not include the very generous donation of £150 given by the Guild.

We will try to keep you updated through our website of any significant updates as Edith’s Hope actively supports 60 families where both parents have died and left the eldest child alone to raise their brothers and sisters.

For more information check out their website

Keeping You in the Loop October 2020

Some more news from Pat, Secretary of the Guild.

You will find her update under Guild News.

Angels required!

The Link October 2020

The Link October 2020

The joint Link for the Ardoch / Blackford Parishes is now ready for circulation.

Many thanks to Gordon Roy for editing and publishing and also

thank you to everybody who submitted articles.

I have attached the PDF herewith, please download and enjoy the read.

Kind regards and all good wishes,

Charles Robertson.

Session Clerk.

Keeping you in the Loop September 2020

Ardoch Parish Church of Scotland

Whose we are, and Whom we serve

One Journey, Many Roads


Keeping You in the Loop                                        September 2020

 Today it is reported that due to coronavirus there have been over one million deaths worldwide. The human suffering is incalculable. It is a sobering thought because we are often focussed on our own lives and the way this disease is affecting us. It certainly puts things into perspective when one considers the grief that so many families are experiencing having lost a loved one, one’s livelihood and/or home. The  inconvenience of staying home  and the lifestyle-limiting regulations that prevent us from seeing loved ones etc. seem, on reflection, such a small price to pay in order to prevent  the spread of this disease throughout our communities.

However, I am also aware of the cost to individuals who are unable to receive hospital treatments and those who are suffering from being isolated, alone or unable to cope with all that is happening.

In many ways, although older people are more susceptible to this disease, we have much to be thankful for…. I am so grateful that I don’t have to go out to work. I have a pension that means I have a steady income that I can depend on. I have a home, a husband, a daughter I have seen twice since mid February, and lovely neighbours. I have a garden to work in and to enjoy.  I can paint. I have so many things I am so grateful for that I could fill this page easily.

I suppose I would count myself a very positive person but I would say that is because of my faith. Jesus has a central place in my life and colours my life. I give him permission, in fact I depend on Him, to steer my life – my thinking and interactions – giving me confidence that things will get better.

My prayer is that you too can depend on Him for all your needs and that He will bring people into your life who can transform it and help you cope with Covid19 restrictions.

With all good wishes,

Pat Duncan (Guild Secretary).


Keeping you in the Loop

Ardoch Parish Church of Scotland Guild

Whose we are, and Whom we serve

One Journey, Many Roads

Keeping You in The Loop                                 August 2020

Considering how easily this virus seems to spread – given the chance – we are fortunate that strategies have been put in place to contain each situation. Thinking of the Aberdeen lockdown and the Coupar Angus outbreak it is alarming to see how, given the right circumstances the virus takes advantage and begins to spread once more.

We are so lucky to be living in such a caring community. I do hope you are all thriving. I know that I am being extra cautious and very careful to follow all the guidelines, but I keep on thinking “Can one be too careful”? Perhaps not!

All good wishes,

Pat Duncan.

01786 880 877

Check in the Guild section for the rest of Pat’s Keeping you in the Loop



Keeping You in the Loop July 2020

Here is the latest news from Pat, the Guild Secretary

Ardoch Parish Church Guild
Whose we are, and Whom we serve
One Journey, Many Roads

Keeping You in The Loop July 2020

In the past week or so the First Minister has announced some easing of the lockdown. However, on a personal level, I still feel very wary of going out and about. I am sure that most Guild members feel the same apprehension. We are desperate to see loved ones ‘in the flesh’ so to speak, but even they are cautious about getting together.
In the most recent church intimations there is still a feeling that we are not ready to start full church services in the near future although such things are officially ‘allowed’ by the Scottish Government. At the moment I personally don’t feel ready to start congregating in any way!
However, things are changing and the ‘new normal’ is taking shape, albeit slowly – and carefully.

Church Hall Screen: The installation of the video and screen equipment and upgrading of the sound system in the church and hall has been completed and this will be of great benefit to all using our church facilities. Unfortunately, the screen that was donated to the church by The Guild was not able to be utilised in the new system. The screen is to be recycled and has been gratefully received by Blackford Church.

Virtual Afternoon Tea: The Guild are inviting you to participate in a virtual afternoon Tea on 8th August at 2pm. You are asked to prepare an afternoon tea at home, perhaps asking another family to bring theirs, and enjoy it together in your garden (whilst following government guidance on social distancing of course).You will then be able to make a donation – either by cheque to the Guild office, or via an online donate page to be publicised.
All the donations will be shared equally between projects.

Sales Table for Projects: We would ask you to consider making items that can be sold for the projects when restrictions are relaxed and we can celebrate coming together again.
Whatever your craft let us see what you can do!

Wheelchair: Barbara McLaren advertised on the Braco and Greenloaning webpage and as a result we have been gifted a wheelchair by Mr Colin Mayall of Comrie whose son, Nick, lives in Greenloaning. We are so grateful to Mr Mayall for his generosity and willingness to help us in this way.

Guild Diaries: these are available at a cost of £4 each. Please contact Pat if you would like to order one.
Christmas Big Sing – 4th December 2020: This event is planned to take place at St George’s Tron, Glasgow. Tickets can be ordered NOW. There are 3 sessions – 3pm, 4.30pm and 7pm.
This is a very popular event so if you think you might be able to go then contact Pat Duncan ASAP to secure your ticket.
Virtual Annual Gathering : This will take place on 5th September at 11am. It will include hymns and music, and contributions from various people, and will end with communion that people will be able to participate in from home. The event can be watched ‘live’ through the website on your phone, tablet or computer.

I hope you all continue to stay safe and well. As we continue to make preparations for tentatively starting our syllabus in the new year of 2021. Our Guild theme for this session is ‘The Extra Mile’.
All good wishes,
Pat Duncan,
Guild Secretary,
3 Ardoch Way,

The Link July 2020

The Link July 2020 Edition

Our sincere thanks to Gordon Roy for compiling this very interesting issue of The Link.  Also thanks to all the contributors for their news and articles.