Keeping You in the Loop September

Next meeting is on 2nd September when Kirsty Duncan comes to sing for us ‘Songs of Hope’ to help us celebrate our coming together as a Guild. The programme will be varied and uplifting.

You are invited to bring along a spouse, partner or friend to this event.

There will be tea/coffee served afterwards in the church hall.

You must wear a mask whilst in the church and while moving around the church building and queuing, but of course, it can be removed when you are drinking your tea/coffee.


Keeping You in the Loop August 2021

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Keeping You in the Loop June

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Ardoch Hot Chocolate Club

Youth Group Report
After a year of meeting via Zoom the hot chocolate team met face to face in the church garden on Friday 7th May .
Weather wasn’t giving us much hope for our outside meeting going ahead during the day but, the decision was taking to go ahead and oh how the weather rewarded our faith. Charles kindly lent and duly lit his amazing fire pit, a warming centre piece for the group and with a couple of disposable bbqs to cook our sausages an evening of laughs, fun, games and questions was had.
Paper aeroplanes took flight, many excellent designs became airborne, followed by a challenge, who can get a baseball cap on Dan’s head from furthest away in one move, again many ingenious methods were deployed, thinking way outside the box.
Sausages cooked well by Liz were duly enjoyed along with the obligatory hot chocolate and the tuck shop was opened with lots of special offers. Dan then broke our his latest project to the group, Quiz Liz. Dan had written down some question for the group to ask Liz that had to be answered with yes or no only and yes Liz did find this a challenge . The group had to work hard to determine what Liz scared her most and what made her angry. The group are already looking forward to the next round.
Following the success of our initial return to face to face meetings our next meeting will be a Get to Know Us meeting and invite the current P6 and 7s in the area. All will be required to complete our GDPR forms prior to attending and the current hit choccers can’t wait to welcome the newbies.
The youth group are now looking to purchase a fire pit that can be used by any of our church teams.
Again our most grateful thanks to Dan for all his efforts in putting together the activities and pictures have been passed to our website guru Christine.


Guild Project Questionnaire

A chance to show your order of preference for the projects the Ardoch Guild will be supporting in the coming years.


We were delighted that we were able to launch our six new project partners with our Guilds Together project co-ordinators on Thursday. We have an exciting mix of projects and we are sure you will enjoy hearing about them in the months ahead. You should also save Friday 11 June in your diary as we will be having an online Big Sing where you will hear from each of our new projects.

1 Blether with Beat Scotland – Eating disorders have a huge impact on young people and on their families. This project will help develop a network of young ambassadors who will work in schools, colleges and universities, but who will also work with Church congregations, the Boys Brigade, the Girls Brigade and school chaplains to raise awareness of the impact of eating disorders and encourage people to seek help. Additionally, they hope that by engaging with Guild members, Guild members will be better informed and will be able to open doors to meetings with community leaders, GP practice managers, teachers and others, to share resources and key messages about eating disorders.

2 Finding homes for vulnerable children in Scotland – Home for Good is a Christian charity that is passionate about finding a home for every child who needs one. They work to inspire people to think about fostering and adoption. They also equip the Church to welcome these families and help support people on their journeys. This project will allow Home for Good to reach all parts of Scotland and will also enable them to build their network of volunteers. Once trained, these volunteers can run events, offer training and build support groups that provide much-needed encouragement for these families. We want all children to find a loving home and this project will help us to do that.

3 Pioneers: Chocolate heaven, South East Asia – This project will help build and develop a factory to support the production of sustainable chocolate production in South East Asia.

We want to see:

  • more farmers receiving fair prices
  • more workers experiencing regular employment – many for the first time
  • more parents able to provide a bright future for their children

4  Starchild:  Finding the light in every child, Uganda – We are hoping that we will together be able to build a centre where children with a range of learning disabilities – but particularly autism – can come to learn alongside their peers. In Uganda, children with learning disabilities are often hidden away and do not receive the education they should. This project hopes to tackle that stigma, support the children and their families and also help to educate community leaders.

5  Hear our voice! Brazil – This is a project at Faculdade Unida de Vitória (UNIDA) designed to empower young women through theological education. UNIDA believes in an education that can transform lives in a violently unjust Brazilian society.

It has three core elements:

1.   Providing access to accredited theological education for young women through special scholarships.

2.   Equipping young women for leadership in churches, faith-based organisations, and wider civil society through practical education.

3.   Mentoring young women through accompaniment and work placement.

6  Kazunu: Village of Hope, Tanzania – Working with the Vine Trust and their partners on the ground, we will help them take forward the development of a sustainable village with a school, health centre and 40 individual homes, as well as a community hub. The large family homes will enable young families to serve as foster parents to four or five orphan children identified by the church in partnership with community leaders and social services. Self-sustainability will come through the agriculture market, gardening, fish farming, and the development of a transport business.


Guild Projects

Could you put the projects in order of preference below 1 – 6.

We will discuss the results at the next Committee meeting and hope that the information will inform our decisions for our syllabii  over the next 3 years.


1 Blether with Beat, Scotland.                                                       _____


2 Home For Good Scotland.                                                           _____


3 Pioneers Chocolate Heaven. South East Asia.                        _____


4 Starchild Uganda.                                                                          _____


5 Unida Hear Our Voice! Brazil.                                                     _____


6 Kazuna Villager of Hope, Tanzania.                                           _____


You can give me your choices by email, over the phone (017865 880 877) or pop the form through my letterbox at 3 Ardoch Way.

Pat Duncan.



Keeping You in the Loop May

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